how many miles does the car travel, if it drives at a speed of 70 miles per hour for half an hour?

Marco drove 75 miles in 1 2/3 hours. How many miles can he drive …

A car travels a distance of 75 km at the speed of 25 km/h. It …

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The physics of speeding cars
If a car travels at 30 miles an hou

A car travels at a speed of 80 km/hr for 15 minutes and then at a …

A car travels 40 kilometers at an average speed of 80 km/h and …

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if a scooterist drives at the rate of 24km/hr from his hom

Motorway speed limits could increase to 80 mph

3 Graphs That Explain Why 20 MPH Should Be the Limit on City …

Why the Washington State speed limit (probably) isn’t going to change

Calculating average speed and velocity edited (video) | Khan Academy

If you are going 30 miles per hou

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Speed limit

Drive Time Calculator to Calculate Driving Times and ETAs

A car travel 90 km in 2.5 hour

Electric cars could make the roads safer – here’s how


Why Speedometers Go to 140 or 16

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Fuel economy in automobiles

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2021 Ford Mustang Mach

The Aptera EV Gets Big Buck

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Speeding fines

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